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The company was founded in October 2001, since 2005 it is a member of the Packaging Association of the Republic of Belarus «BelInfoPak», in 2008 it received the certificate of compliance of the management systems with the requirements of STB ISO 9001 and 22000.

Bigan (Slovakia-Belarus) carries out a closed cycle of production of plastic sausage casings from the production of multi-layered sausage synthetic shell to the development of the design of the shell and application to the sausage shell images using flexographic printing, UV printing.

The company is the first manufacturer of multilayer synthetic casings in Belarus.


Synthetic casings designed for packaging of all types of cooked, liverwurst, blood sausages, coated hams, brawn and pasres, sausage cheeses, fish and seafood products.


The team of experienced designers of Bigan CJSC is ready to suggest the most optimal form and design options, and, if necessary, develop proposals for creating a fundamentally new layout, taking into account the corporate identity of the customer's products.