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The company Taifun (Belarus-Poland) is one of the largest producers of building mixtures in Belarus. Established in 1999, since 2009 is a member of the international Atlas group. The main field of activity is the creation and production of dry building mixtures of trade marks LUX and Typhoon Master (more than 60 types of mixtures), as well as thermal insulation systems for Typhoon buildings and structures. The enterprise has the STB ISO 9001-2001 certificate, its own accredited laboratory.


  • Adhesives for cladding and fugue
  • Mixtures for masonry works
  • Plaster mixes leveling and decorative
  • Putty, primer, paint, foam assembly
  • Mixtures for flooring
  • Waterproofing, heat-resistant mixtures
  • Cement, lime, chalk, gypsum
  • Agroperlite LUX, Atlas M-system 3G
  • Roofing materials IzoLUX
  • Trademarks for retail chains

Product catalogs can be downloaded on the company's official website.