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OT Logistic Bel Ltd. (Poland) was registered as a FEZ Grodnoinvest resident on April 10, 2018 with the investment project "Construction of a logistics terminal."

The project supposes the construction of transport and logistics center focused on servicing rail freight traffic, providing services for cargo transshipment with intermediate storage in the direction of East-West-East. The logistics complex will specialize in handling loose, bulky cargo and their reloading from the gauge of the western and eastern standards, depending on the direction of travel.

 OT Logistic Bel is part of the OT Logistics Group of Companies, which has been providing transportation, forwarding and logistics services for more than 70 years. The holding company includes companies of various sizes and with a different profile of activities. OT Lofistics is one of the leaders on inland waterways, in freight rail transport and in loading and unloading operations in the seaports of Europe.

OT Logistics S.A. is the most diversified port operator in Poland. It manages the fleet of nearly 800 ships. Holding OT Logistics S.A. provides complex services for transportation and storage of goods, based on sea terminals in Swinoujscie, Kolobrzeg and Gdynia, the internal port in Wrocław and the terminal for transshipment of goods in Kruvniki near Medyka.