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The company Gronitex (Belarus) was registered as a resident of the FEZ in December, 2011. The main activity is the production of yarn and sewing thread. It occupies leading positions in the production of carded yarns of annular and pneumomechanical spinning methods. Is the only manufacturer in the Republic of Belarus of sewing cotton, reinforced, special technical threads; yarn combed cotton, reinforced.

All products are certified according to the quality management system STB ISO 9001-2009. Control and evaluation of product quality is carried out on the modern laboratory complex USTER TESTER.

The annual production capacity of Gronitex JSC is:

•    6,000 tons of single-stranded yarn and carded yarn;
•    12 million conventional sewing thread coils;
•   1 600 tons of flaxseed cotton fiber. 


The company has available production facilities.