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BelGro FLLC (Great Britain - Russia) was registered as FEZ Grodnoinvest resident in 2008. It specializes in the production of cabinet office and kitchen furniture. It is part of Commercial and Industrial Group TAIPIT, one of the suppliers of production associations in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

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BelGro FLLC is 5 000 sq.m. production facilities, modern automated equipment, produces over 400 tons of furniture monthly. The company sells its products under the trademarks SKYLAND, SKILLL, ALVALINE, VOGELBAUM.

SKYLAND brand products:

  • Executive and reception rooms
  • Operational furniture and office partitions
  • Office kitchens
  • Study rooms
  • Furniture for hotels and dormetories
  • Gaming and computer tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Storage systems

VOGELBAUM brand products:

  • Classic and modern kitchens
  • Solid wood kitchens
  • Compact kitchens