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Places for business development in Grodno: profile of FEZ Grodnoinvest landplots in the regional center

Commonly, businessmen, irrespective of experience and capital, face an issue of land plot or production premises selection. Nevertheless, the efficiency of the project greatly depends on the plot choice. This article will provide you a detailed description of up-to-date proposal within the borders of FEZ Grodnoinvest in Grodno, as well as preferences aimed for potential residents of FEZ within investment project execution.

 FEZ Grodnoinvest includes 12 industrial platforms in 8 cities of Grodno region. There are 3 of them in the regional center. These are the places of establishment of the biggest enterprises in the city and the whole region. World-renowned brands keep their promotion here.
The number of free plots are being curtailed nowadays, however every entrepreneurial businessman has the possibility of successful creation and development of his private company regardless of his nationality.
The territory of the FEZ in Grodno covers an area of 1.3 thousand hectares and is divided into 3 industrial zones (Grandichi, Kolbasino and Auls). Every site has been created as a green field platform. Since April 2002, when FEZ was established, the administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest has developed all the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure in these areas. The funds have been invested aiming to achieve two key objectives: to increase the investment attractiveness of the city and create all the conditions for successful business development. As time has shown, it was not for nothing.
Nowadays, 39 residents conduct business in the industrial areas of FEZ in Grodno. More than 9 thousand people work and receive decent wages at these enterprises. FEZ residents invested more than 440 million US dollars in the development of modern production facilities within the period of their activities. FEZ Grodnoinvest was the platform for start-ups of such industry leaders as Conte Spa, Biocom, Taifun, ZOV  and etc.
The residents of FEZ Grodnoinvest account for 20% of the total industrial production and 25% of the total export of Grodno. Note that the share of exports of FEZ residents in the total indicator of Grodno region in 2018 increased up to 38%. 
In 2018-2019, 5 new enterprises became FEZ residents. They are planning to invest over $ 23 million in new production facilities.
Nowadays, less than 6% of FEZ Grodnoinvest territories  in Grodno remain accessible for the potential investors. The administration of FEZ offers the following options for industrial companies location and logistics activities organization:
1.    Plots in the industrial area  "Grandichi" with a total area of up to 25 hectares. The territory comprises 4-lane road with asphalt concrete pavement, railway, possess all the necessary communications (water, electricity, gas supply).
2.    Land in the industrial area  "Kolbasino" with a total area of 37 hectares. Here, a potential investor gets an access to the road with asphalt concrete pavement, railway, all communications (water, electricity, gas supply).
3.    Land plots in the industrial area  “Auls”  with a total area of up to 137 hectares for the creation of both industrial and logistics facilities. There exist an access to the road with asphalt concrete pavement, railway, communications is .
4.    Production areas of the existing enterprises. You can find the detailed characteristics and current state of a certain object in the purpose developed website section.
All plots and areas are located within the boundaries of FEZ Grodnoinvest. Therefore, in addition to the unique opportunity to get a land plot without an auction, residents of FEZ 
can bargain for a special legal regime providing tax and customs privileges and preferences. They will reduce investment costs by an average of 40% and significantly improve the efficiency of the ongoing project.
The specialists of FEZ Grodnoinvest administration are ready to provide all kinds of advisory and legal support. According to the “one stop” principle, you can resolve all issues related to setting up a business in the GI business center building at the address: ul. Gorkogo, 91A. In case of any questions or requests, please call +375 (152) 41-23-17 or write us an email for