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Grodnoinvest FEZ resident Plant Optik produced the first batch of products from a new type of material

At the end of June, Grodnoinvest FEZ resident Plant Optic produced the first batch of optical billets from germanium. Mastering of the complex processing technology of semi-finished products began in January-February, and the first batch of customized products was produced at the end of June.

Optical properties of the material - the ability to pass infrared rays - are widely used in production of special equipment: night vision devices, passive thermal imaging systems, computer equipment, fire safety systems, aviation equipment, Earth research from satellites.

The products are manufactured according to the technical requirements and specifications of the customer. Processing of optical parts from germanium is expensive, yet it is in high demand nowadays. Unsurprisingly, partners from Russia are already interested in the new service of Plant Optic, thereafter Lida enterprise hopes for an increase in customized orders.

Plant Optic is the leading Belarusian manufacturer of optical products and components since 1970. The products are exported to Russia, the CIS countries, the European Union and USA. The company was registered as Grodnoinvest FEZ resident since 2009.