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Administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest implemented a major infrastructure project in an industrial park near Grodno

In Grodno, the administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest, together with the general contractor DST No. 6 JSC, implemented a project to create an engineering and transport infrastructure at site No. 4 (Auls district). The volume of investments under the project in 2021 amounted to 5.6 million rubles.

In the industrial park in 2021 were built:

  • three blocks of waste treatment facilities with a total capacity of 800 liter per second to receive storm water from existing and prospective industries;
  • parking for 96 parking places for heavy vehicles, which allowed to optimize the logistics of the residents of FEZ Grodnoinvest and the integrated station Grodno;
  • a section of the Auls-Putrishki road with a length of 1.5 km with a set of landscaping and outdoor lighting works, which provided a qualitatively new level of transport communication with the network of roads of republican (R-145) and international importance (M-6).

The project was implemented as part of the implementation of the Master Plan for the development of FEZ Grodnoinvest site No. 4 (Auls district), which includes gas supply, electricity, water supply, sewerage and transport support for an industrial park in Grodno with an area of 354.69 hectares. 12 resident enterprises of FEZ Grodnoinvest are located here, which in total have invested more than $178 million in the creation of modern production facilities. At the end of this year, an unique for Belarus production facility of Grodno Glassworks JSC will be launched at the investment site in Auls.

In total, since 2014, the administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest has invested more than 25 million rubles in infrastructure development. Projects were implemented at industrial sites in Smorgon, Grodno and the Grodno region. In 2022, work will continue to improve the engineering and transport accessibility of the industrial parks of FEZ Grodnoinvest in the Grodno region. This will increase the investment attractiveness of the region and create a reserve for the construction of new modern production facilities.

This year, more than 32 million rubles will be allocated for the construction of infrastructure on the territory of FEZ Grodnoinvest. They will be used for the construction of an industrial road and the installation of parking lots at the site of FEZ No. 2 Sector 1 (Novaya Gozha district) in the Grodno region, the extension of Pushkin Street in Grodno to access the industrial zone of FEZ in the Grandichi region, the reconstruction of Industrialny Avenue in Smorgon, construction of a roundabout at the intersection of street No. 1 and Skidelskoe shosse in the section of FEZ No. 4 (Auls district). The construction of new power supply sources will continue at the FEZ sites in Svisloch and Grodno with a total capacity of up to 100 MW.