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The forecast indicators of enterprise development for 2019 were discussed in Grodno Regional Executive Committee

On January 12, the Grodno Regional Executive Committee held a meeting of Industry Minister Pavel Utyupin with heads of holdings and enterprises of the region.

It is projected that the growth of the gross regional product this year will be 104.2 percent compared to the previous year. The main growth in the regional economy is planned to be at the expense of the industrial and agricultural sectors.

During the meeting, particular attention was paid to engineering enterprises, including residents of the FEZ “Grodnoinvest”, which influence the formation of the EAP, both in the region and the country as a whole. Specific tasks were assigned to the heads of  Belkard JSC, Avtoprovod Shchuchin plant JSC, Smorgon Aggregate Works JSC and others. The increase in production volumes and the expansion of its range, the search for new markets, innovative production will contribute to the effective work of these enterprises.

In the FEZ "Grodnoinvest" the machine-building industrial complex is represented by 12 companies with a total production of over 140 million US dollars and a staff of about 5,500 people. Residents produce a wide range of products from automotive components and industrial equipment to optics and electronics.

Enterprises are interested in developing cooperation with Belarusian and foreign partners in contract manufacturing, implementation of joint investment projects, provision of reserve production areas (over 22 thousand m2). More detailed information on cooperation options can be obtained in the department of foreign trade activities of the administration of the FEZ "Grodnoinvest" by phone. + 375- (152) -412317 or e-mail, or in the section "Industrial Cooperation".