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Electronic work record books may appear in Belarus

Belarus plans to introduce electronic work record books. This measure will reduce the risk of data loss and protect workers. It will also significantly reduce the cost of storing and purchasing documents.

A proposal for a change in legislation is a response to a number of existing problems in the working sphere. The access speed to the necessary information on employment will increase, data loss risks on employment will be reduced.

Due to electronic work record books introduction, automation of data filling process will be possible, which will reduce the risk of errors. Another advantage will be protection from unscrupulous employers who delay handing out the work record book upon dismissal.

In 2018, the residents of FEZ Grodnoinvest created around 400 new jobs. Work on attracting new employees continues now. For example, starting from April 2019, a workshop for assembling harnesses for POLO car will start working in the premises of Radiovolna JSC.  Therefore the company is additionally recruiting 300 people.