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Сhanges to the visa-free regime will be made in 2019

Possibility of including Lida, Schuchin and Vorono district into a visa-free regime zone and prolongation of a stay period of visa free tourists are under approval of relevant departments.

More than 100 thousand visa-free tourists from different countries visited Grodno region in 2018. Within first 3 months of current year, approximately 20 thousand of foreign visitors from 30 countries of the world has visited the region. This fact indicates a significant growth of interest of foreign travelers to the Augustow Canal Park and Grodno region. 

Inclusion of Schuchin, Voronovo and Lida regions into the visa-free zone and increase of stay duration at visa-free territories for tourists will provide an additional stimulation of tourism development in the region and give an edge for small and medium-sized businesses of creation new tourist infrastructure facilities.

The region is actively involved  in restoration of heritage sites that will respectively raise the profile of tourist attraction. Along with the restoration of the Old Castle in Grodno, it is planned to carry out reconstruction and repair works on the gateways of the Augustow Canal. Reconstruction of the palace, outbuilding and galleries in the Svyatsk palace and park complex, located on the territory of Augustow Canal park are planned to be completed by September 2019.