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A new procedure for the preparation and issuance of building permits has been approved

The Regulation on the procedure for the preparation and issuance of permits for the construction of facilities, approved by Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 785 of 10/31/2018, came into force In Belarus. 

The regulation establishes a list of administrative procedures and terms for their implementation, defines the procedure for preparing and issuing permits to the customer (developer) for the design, construction, reconstruction, restoration.

To obtain permits for construction, the applicant applies to the territorial executive committee (hereinafter referred to as the executive committee) with a statement. In accordance with the legislation on administrative procedures, the application shall be accompanied by: a document confirming the state registration of the legal entity, a declaration of intent in the form of Appendix A to TCP 45-1.02-298-2014.

According to the Regulation, the executive committee in due time considers the application and instructs the communal unitary enterprise or the territorial division of architecture and construction to prepare an architectural planning task, obtain technical specifications and technical requirements, and also instructs the land management organization to prepare land cadastral documentation.

The PMC or the territorial division of architecture and construction, taking into account the declaration of intent:

  • prepares a draft decision on the construction of the facility, the architectural planning task with the attached layout of the construction object, which specifies the location of the built land plot, street-road network of the development area, engineering and transport infrastructure facilities, buildings and structures, town-planning regulations;
  • sends requests for the provision of technical conditions and technical requirements to organizations issuing technical requirements and (or) technical conditions.

Regulations and other regulatory legal acts are posted on the official site of FEZ Grodnoinvest. Detailed information can be obtained by phone: +375 (152) 43-42-41.