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Management of the Turkish industrial zone Ikitelli visited Grodnoinvest Free Economic Zone

A delegation from the Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone (the Republic of Turkey), headed by its chairman, Mr. Akgyun, visited Grodnoinvest Free Economic Zone on July 13 and held negotiations with the management of resident enterprises in the furniture, textile and machine building sectors.

During the visit, representatives of Ikitelli got acquainted with the investment sites of FEZ Grodnoinvest in Grodno for implemention of a joint project on creation of a specialized zone for Turkish investments, examined the industrial potential of FEZ enterprises Radiovolna OJSC, Groniteks OJSC.

The industrial area of İkitelli was established in 1985 and is the largest in the Republic of Turkey. More than 300 thousand employees work at operating enterprises-residents. The area of the industrial zone is over 700 hectares, consists of 37 industrial cooperatives and 11 independent plots. The key share in the industry of the industrial zone is occupied by the production of footwear and leather goods (39%), automotive components (17%), woodworking (9%).