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Residents of FEZ Grodnoinvest in the first quarter of 2020 attracted a record volume of FDI on a net basis

In the first quarter of 2020, $ 157 million of foreign investments were attracted to the projects implementation on FEZ Grodnoinvest territory, $ 59.8 million of that are direct foreign investments on a net basis. This is the best quarterly indicator for the period of FEZ operation in Grodno region.

The main countries-investors were Russia (over $ 45 million), Austria ($ 39 million), and the Netherlands ($ 34 million). In total, investments came from 15 countries, including the UAE, Germany, the USA, Great Britain, and international organizations.

In total, in Grodno region, FEZ Grodnoinvest residents have accumulated over $ 912 million of foreign investments. This is the best indicator amongst the republican FEZs. Key investors are companies from Russia (32%), the Netherlands (18%), the UK (12%), Cyprus (12%) and Poland (11%). In total, investments from 40 countries were attracted to FEZ, including Japan, Scotland, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Hong Kong, etc.

Every year the attractiveness of the region’s investment climate is increasing. For these purposes, over the past five years, the administration FEZ Grodnoinvest invested 9 million rubles to the infrastructure development, have organized over 300 business meetings and events with potential investors from near and far abroad countries, registered over 30 new residents with capital from Austria, Russia, and China , The Netherlands, Poland, the UAE, Estonia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, the UK and other countries.