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FEZ Grodnoinvest resident ZOV-LenEVROMEBEL has been recognized the best furniture enterprise in Belarus

FEZ Grodnoinvest resident ZOV-LenEVROMEBEL Jltd., a member of the Group of companies ZOV, has been recognized as the best furniture enterprise of the year according to Bellesbumprom concern. The award was solemnly presented at the International specialized exhibition Furniture-2019, held in Minsk.

ZoV-LenEVROMEBEL is the largest Belarusian manufacturer of custom-made kitchens and furniture. It has been a FEZ resident since 2006. Today, the company has its dealer networks in the CIS countries, near and far abroad, supplies products to the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Recently, the company opened the largest brand-name trade-exhibition center in Grodno, where the latest developments of 2019 and the best furniture solutions are presented on an area of ​​1000  sq.m. Last year, the company extended the warranty period for kitchen sets to 5 years.

The 26th International Specialized Exhibition-Fair Furniture-2019 is  held in Minsk from October 16 to 19. 80 Belarusian and foreign furniture and components manufacturers and suppliers, equipment producers and technology developers from Belarus, Russia, Germany, Austria and Poland participate in it.

The woodworking and furniture manufacturing sector is the major one in FEZ Grodnoinvest. There are 24 companies that work in this sector in FEZ. They form 90% of the total industrial production of Grodno region. In 2018, the production volume amounted to 867 million rubles. Over five years, this figure has increased by 4.2 times. The woodworking and furniture products export in 2018 amounted to $ 275 million, or 32% of the total export of FEZ Grodnoinvest. Over five years, it increased by 2.1 times.

In 2018-2019 7 new residents of FEZ Grodnoinvest were registered in woodworking and furniture production spheres with investments from Poland, Cyprus, and Austria. Cooperation with the IKEA group of companies is developing.