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FEZ Grodnoinvest resident Taifun Ltd. expanded the product line

The range of products of Taifun Ltd. has expanded with two new products at once: fugue Taifun Elastic and silicone sanitary elastic sealant Taifun.

Taifun Elastic is an innovative recipe for filling tile joints, easy to use, functional to use, meeting the highest aesthetic demands of the consumer.

Sanitary elastic silicone sealant Typhoon is an innovative one-component composition based on polysiloxanes with an acid curing system, intended for filling and sealing tile joints, making elastic expansion joints, sealing installation joints of sanitary equipment.

The company Taifun is one of the largest producers of building mixtures in Belarus. Established in 1999, since 2009 is a member of the international Atlas groupand a resident of the FEZ Grodnoinvest. The main field of activity is the creation and production of dry building mixtures of trade marks LUX and Typhoon Master, as well as thermal insulation systems for Typhoon buildings and structures.