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Resident FEZ Grodnoinvest BelGro FLLC launched a new kithcen brand VogelBaum

BelGro, a manufacturer of module office and kitchen furniture, launched a website of its new brand VogelBaum. The assortment of more than 40 collections of kitchens in the European style.

The new brand is characterized by accessibility, advanced design and ergonomics. Kitchens are made of environmentally friendly materials and have a long service life. On the website you can explore the full range of kitchens, get to know the history of the company and VogelBaum brand, choose a show room where you can order a design project and order the products.

BelGro FLLC was registered as FEZ Grodnoinvest resident in 2008. It is part of Taipit Commercial and Industrial Group, one of the largest production associations in the CIS and Eastern Europe in a number of product lines.

In FEZ Grodnoinvest, the woodworking and furniture manufacturing sector is represented by 25 companies whose investors are world leaders Kronospan, Szynaka Meble, HS Timber Group, Fey & Co, Taipit, etc. These companies account for 82% of the production and 85% of goods export of Grodno region in this area.