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Belabedding Ltd., the resident of FEZ Grodnoinvest launched the release of new product

Belabeddin Ltd., the leading company in production of mattresses and accessories for sleep in the Grodno region launched a new product - Boxspringbett-style continental beds.

Beds like Boxspringbett are very popular in Europe. Their distinguishing feature is that the mattress and topper are included. The bed is higher comparing  with ordinary one and has a soft headboard, which is an important element of the continental style. The ready-made kit, consisting of a mattress, topper and a durable frame, provides special convenience and reliability.

The company has repeatedly been awarded at international and national competitions in the field of quality. So, in the Republican contest of consumer preferences PRODUCT OF THE YEAR - 2018 Belabedding Ltd. became the winner in the nomination “Mattresses of the Year”.

Belabedding Ltd. is a resident of the free economic zone Grodnoinvest since 2006. More than 80% of the company's products are exported to Western Europe. The partner of Belabedding Ltd. is the well-known German company Fey & Co.