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A record number of tourists visited Grodno and the Augustow Canal during the May holidays

The August Canal and Grodno attract an increasing number of foreign tourists. During the first days of May, the region was visited by over 4.4 thousand people.

For comparison, over the same period last year, more than three thousand visa-free guests visited the region. The peak of tourist activity fell on May 1, more than 700 tourists visited Grodno and its environs.

With the opening of the tourist season on the Avgustov Canal, the Lesnaya-Rudavka seasonal checkpoint began its work. The popularity of this border crossing is constantly growing. Last year, over 3 thousand people crossed the border in this place, in the first days of May of this year, on foot, by bicycles, canoes and canoes - a few dozen visa-free tourists.

Since the beginning of 2019, over 36.6 thousand visa-free tourists from 33 countries have visited the region. For the same period last year, about 18 thousand guests received Grodno and its environs. A significant proportion of the tourist flow are Lithuanians, Poles and Latvians. There is a growing interest in Grodno among tourists from Western Europe. Germany ranks fourth in the number of visa-free guests.

With the growth of tourist flow in the region, there is a demand for facilities and infrastructure. For example, for the summer season almost all the places in hotels and hostels of Grodno are already booked. There is a need to create new facilities for the tourism industry and infrastructure in the region. Investment projects can be focused on the creation of tourist centers, accommodation facilities, food and trade.

The tax burden for residents of Park Augustov Canal has been reduced by more than 70%, thus minimizing costs and reducing the payback period for projects.

Detailed information about the conditions of activity in Park Augustov Canal, free land plots, as well as benefits and preferences can be found on our website in the section “Augustov Canal” or from the specialists of the foreign economic activity department by phone +375 (152) 41- 23-17 and e-mail