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The project on development of the multimodal logistics center Grodno was presented in FEZ Grodnoinvest

On August 9, the project presentation for the integrated development of a multimodal logistics center on the FEZ plot No. 5 sector 2 in Bruzgi area was introduced in FEZ Grodnoinvest administration. It was the continuation of a series of meetings dedicated to the largest logistics project in Grodno region.

The event was opened by the Deputy Head of the administration Dmitry Rozhkov. He pointed out that the task to formulate general rules of work on the border area of ​​FEZ has been long overdue. The turnover of FEZ Grodnoinvest residents has increased by 4.2 times since 2015. Moreover, 80% of all Asia-Europe rail freight passes through Belarus. Therefore, back in 2016, the FEZ territory was expanded to areas near the Bruzgi automobile checkpoint and the Bruzgi railway station.

This was facilitated by the advantageous geographical position of Grodno region on the border of two large economic entities - the Eurasian Economic and European Unions. In combination with the preferences of FEZ and the developed infrastructure, including the western and eastern railway tracks, the idea of FEZ Grodnoinvest administration to create a multimodal logistics center interested domestic and foreign investors. As a result, in 2018, 7 logistics companies were registered - three of them are on the FEZ land plot in Bruzgi.

The next step was the pre-project documentation development of the territory, so that each of the investors could clearly determine their role and had preliminary calculations and technical requirements on hand. The project was carried out by the design organization LLC ATK-Intercom together with the engineering organization LLC Lenstroy on the basis of technical requirements issued by all interested structures. The presentation was held by the chief engineer of the project Mikhail Pakhuchy.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of FEZ Grodnoinvest administration, LLC CIGICOP-Bel, the Grodno regional executive committee, the Grodno District Executive Committee, the Grodno branch of the RUE Beltamozhservis, the Baranavichy branch of the Belorussian Railways, the Grodno Regional Customs and the Grodno Border Ptrol Unit and other branches. The participants discussed the general technological solutions of the project, the architectural and planning concept, the assessment of interactions on the environment, the rationale for investments, and much more.