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The portal will become an electronic showcase of Belarusian exporters at the World Exhibition "EXPO-2020"

The electronic portal, developed by the National Center for Marketing, will be used as an electronic showcase of Belarusian export goods and services at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, which will be held at the end of 2020 - beginning 2021.

The portal was developed and launched in 2017. At the moment, over 6 thousand enterprises and 18 thousand goods and services are registered in it. The portal has repeatedly proved its effectiveness for Belarusian exporters. Thanks to this resource, foreign companies quickly find information on prices, terms of payment and delivery, availability of certificates for specific product groups and goods items.

Additionally, the portal contains information on specialized events in Belarus and abroad, advertising messages from exporters, country guides, news. The portal is being visited by over 3 thousand unique visitors every day.

The World Expo has been held every five years since 1851 and is a key event in international exhibition activities. For example, the famous Eiffel Tower was built specifically for the Expo Paris 1889. In 2020, the exhibition will be held in Dubai, over 190 countries will present their pavilions, and the expected number of visitors is estimated at 30 million people.

You can post information about your company, goods and services, commercial offers in Russian and English languages for free. It should be noted that the detailed information of commercial offers can significantly affect the interest of portal users, most of which are representatives of foreign importing companies.

Please note that FEZ administration regularly publishes its country guides within information cycle "International Review" emphasising the cooperation with Grodno region enterprises :