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Online conference on the development of the woodworking and furniture industry in Belarus will be held on December 1st

We invite you to participate in the online conference "Development of the woodworking and furniture industry in Belarus during COVID-19". Speakers from Belarus, Poland and Ukraine will analise the current situation of the industry sector and give ideas for business in new market conditions. The event will be held on December 1st, 2020, using the platform Peregovorka. Participation is free upon pre-registration.

Experts from international companies IKEA, IMAC, Licon, the Bellesbumprom concern, UNITER investment company, the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Belarus will participate in the conference.

The speakers will talk about the strategy for the development of the woodworking industry in Belarus, changes in foreign markets during the global pandemic, share tools to improve production efficiency and increase exports.


IMAC is an international company for the development and complete equipment of technological lines for manufacturers of doors, chairs, furniture, furniture fronts, windows and much more. Creates special machine tools and devices for mechanization and automation of production processes.

Licon is one of the leading suppliers of technical nonwovens for furniture, as well as lumber and panel materials in Poland and abroad. Owns Spunbond production line in China since 2015.

UNITER is a leader in the investment banking and financial consulting market in Belarus. Advises on M&A transactions, fundraising for business and projects, strategic advice and debt restructuring services.

The Association of enterprises of furniture and woodworking industry  is an association of 19 organizations of state and private ownership protecting the interests of its members, promoting the development of private initiatives, taking measures against dumping of third countries in the integrated market, etc.