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Achievements of FEZ Grodnoinvest in infrastructure development were presented at the conference of the FEZ of Belarus

The management of the administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest took part in the Conference of free economic zones of the Republic of Belarus on the topic Design and construction in the territories of free economic zones in modern economic conditions, allowing to shorten the investment cycle from the moment of a business idea to the start of production activities, which was held on January 12, 2023, in Vitebsk. 

Deputy Head of Administration Alexander Pugach spoke about the achievements of FEZ Grodnoinvest in infrastructure development. He noted that over the period of operation of FEZ Grodnoinvest, $40 million have been invested, over 120 km of roads and communications have been built.

FEZ Grodnoinvest is the youngest FEZ of the republic. The first infrastructure facilities were put into operation in 2005. Since then, the administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest has created seven production sites both in the regional center, the city of Grodno, and in sites of FEZ in the Grodno, Lida and Smorgon regions.

The administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest on an ongoing basis studies the needs of existing and potential residents of FEZ, comprehensively solves the tasks of improving the investment attractiveness of the Grodno region. Particular attention is paid to the development of transport infrastructure, improving the quality of logistics, increasing freight traffic and ensuring road safety, integrating investment sites into the national and international road networks.

In 2022, the administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest implemented 7 infrastructure projects, including a project to create an engineering and transport infrastructure in an industrial park near Grodno in the Auls area, a project to build an industrial road in the Novaya Gozha area. In 2023, it is planned to design and build engineering infrastructure at the sites of FEZ Grodnoinvest in Grodno and Svisloch for a total amount of about 7.3 million rubles.