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Results of half-year 2020: export of FEZ Grodnoinvest residents exceeded $ 425 million

In January-June 2020, FEZ Grodnoinvest residents exported products worth $ 425 million. Export geography includes 46 countries. Earlier we wrote about attracted investments for 6 months of this year.

Products worth US $ 342 million, or 80% of the total, were exported to the CIS countries. The Russian Federation remains the key sales market for FEZ residents. It accounts for 66% of total exports or USD 280 million. The top 3 importers of Belarusian products also included Poland (USD 52 million) and Ukraine (USD 47 million).

Exports of FEZ residents to the European Union amounted to USD 78 million, or 18% of the total for the half year. The main sales markets were Poland ($ 52 million), Lithuania ($ 9 million), Romania ($ 5 million), Germany, Latvia ($ 3 million each).

Deliveries of Belarusian products to Canada increased significantly (6.5 times to 540 thousand US dollars) and the USA (2.4 times to 425 thousand US dollars). In the first half of the year, export to Korea, Switzerland, Mongolia, Iceland was established.

The main share of exports is food and agricultural products (33% of the total), wood products and furniture (29%), mechanical engineering and metalworking products (16%), chemical (9%) and textile (9%) products ...

Thus, residents of FEZ "Grodnoinvest" are actively developing trade cooperation with business circles of various countries and are ready to increase it. We have selected the top 5 proposals for starting a business from residents to potential partners from Belarus, near and far abroad.