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Results 2020: production of FEZ residents exceeded 3 billion rubles, productivity increased by 18%

We are talking about the results of 2020. The previous articles dealt with exports, investments, and import-substituting products. Today we are summing up the results of industrial production, which increased by 14% last year and exceeded 3 billion rubles. Thus, FEZ forms 28% of the industrial production of the Grodno region.

In just five years, industrial production increased 2.4 times. By the end of 2020 the profitability of sales doubled and amounted to 20%. Shipments of innovative products increased ahead of schedule. Over the year, the indicator increased by 16% to 3.1 million rubles. Labor productivity increased by 18%. This is the second indicator among FEZs of the republic.

The share of FEZ Grodnoinvest residents in the total industrial production of the Grodno region is constantly increasing. For five years, the share has grown from 19% to 28%. In certain industries, such as woodworking, furniture production, textile industry, the share exceeded 50%. Most of the products (68%) of FEZ residents are exported to 65 countries of the world.

The industry leader is the woodworking and furniture manufacturing sector. In 2020, the production of products in this industry exceeded one billion rubles. The highest growth rates were demonstrated by manufacturers of food (139%), pharmaceutical products (138%), optical and electronic equipment (134%), wood and paper products (125%), machinery and equipment (115%). The production of transport services grew by 21%. This direction is developing on new sites of FEZ in Grodno and Svisloch regions on the border with the Republic of Poland.

In 2020, 48% of industrial products of FEZ Grodnoinvest were produced at industrial sites in the Smorgon region. 29% of production accounts for to the city of Grodno, 8% - for the Lida region. The leaders in terms of growth in 2020 were Smorgon (136%), Grodno (123%) and Svisloch (123%) regions.