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Results of the 1st half of 2019: FEZ Grodnoinvest residents exported products worth $455 million to 57 countries

The export of FEZ Grodnoinvest residents increased by 12% and amounted to $ 455 millionin in the first half of 2019. The geography of deliveries has expanded from 51 to 57 countries compared to the first quarter.

FEZ Grodnoinvest residents account for 42% of the total export volume of Grodno region enterprises . Traditionally, the main markets are Russia, Poland and Ukraine. These countries account for 87% of total FEZ Grodnoinvest residents' export. The largest importers also include Kazakhstan, Romania, the UK, Lithuania, Latvia.

FEZ Grodnoinvest residents exported products to the CIS countries worth $360 million, or 79% of the total volume. The EU countries accounted for 19% of total export worth $89 million. The growth rate is 111%. Product supplies of FEZ Grodnoinvest residents have increased significantly to countries such as the United Kingdom (by 37 times), Romania (by 13 times), the Czech Republic (by 11 times), Bulgaria (by 5 times), the Netherlands, France (by 4 times) increased significantly. Denmark, Brazil (by 3 times), Italy, Kenya (by 2 times).

FEZ residents export mostly woodworking products and furniture ($107 million, or 24% of total export), food and agricultural products ($103 million, or 23%), chemical products and fertilizers ($57 million or 13%), textile products ($35 million or 8%), wires and cables ($22 million or 5%).

Remarkably, according to the six months results of 2019, the production volume of FEZ Grodnoinvest residents increased by 18%, and net profit grew by 2.2 times. One can familiarize with FEZ residents products during the largest regional trade fair "Euroregion" Neman-2019" that will be held in September this year.