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Belarus has introduced free online registration for tourists

As of January 2, 2019, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship temporarily arriving to the Republic of Belarus can register on a single portal of electronic services free of charge. The project was implemented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Center for Electronic Services.

Previously, foreigners coming to Belarus were obliged to register in person at the immigration department within five days. The online registration charged 1 base value for the value. Changes in the administrative procedure, along with changes in the visa regime, will make stay of foreign guests in our country even more comfortable.

For registration you must create a personal account on a single portal of electronic services To do this, in the category “Citizenship and Migration” it is necessary to order the corresponding service ( and fill in the form.

The service is available to foreigners who entered the Republic of Belarus at checkpoints across the State Border.

Another person can register a foreign citizen on the Single Portal as well, by using another person’s personal account and filling out an application with the foreigner's information.

It is important to know that the possibility of registration remains when you personally contact the immigration department; you should apply here for the extension of the registration period. The registration procedure also requires the personal presence of a foreigner who arrived to the Republic of Belarus through the State border with the Russian Federation.