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Arab investor will develop a transport and logistics terminal in the Grodno region

The adminisntration of FEZ Grodnoinvest and the company BRIKOIL TRANS-F.Z.E., a resident of the Arab Ajman Free Zone, signed a Memorandum of Intent, the  purpose of which is to elaborate an investment project on the development of a transport and logistics terminal in the Grodno region. The potential volume of investment for the project is estimated at $100 million. 

The Memorandum was signed at the International Exhibition EXPO-2020 in Dubai, where the Grodno Region Days are now being held in the National Pavilion of the Republic of Belarus. As part of the planned events, the investment, logistcs, tourism, trade and economic potential of the region will be presented. The Head of the administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest Dmitry Rozhkov will held a presentation of opportunities for Arab investors in the Grodno region and will present the trade and industrial potential of the operating FEZ resident enterprises.

The signed Memorandum highlights the important role of logistics in the development of the Grodno region. Investors are attracted by the role of the region and the country as an important transit point in the chain of international trade flows between Europe and Asia. The favorable geographical position of the Grodno region on the border of the European Union and Eurasian Economic Union creates conditions for the implementation of transport projects. Recently, the logistics compnay Unionway Ltd. and Portela Ltd. were registered as residents of FEZ Grodnoinvest.

The preferences of FEZ, the growth of commodity flows, and the expansion of transport infrastructure contribute to the further development of the logistics industry. 15 thousand km of roads have been laid in the Grodno region, there is an access to the western and eastern railway tracks, an international airport and six cargo-passenger checkpoints function here, four large seapots and five international airports are placed within a radius of 400 km. There is an own airport, which provides international flights, has customs, border and sanitary control services, as well as a system of warehouses.