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Administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest and EURASIA GULF business platform agreed on cooperation

The Memorandum of Cooperation between the administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest and the business platform of the countries of Eurasia and the Persian Gulf EURASIA GULF BUSINESS NETWORK was signed at the National Pavilion of the Republic of Belarus at the international exhibition EXPO-2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

The Memorandum intends for cooperation in the development and deepening of various forms of foreign economic activity of FEZ Grodnoinvest residents with Arab companies, exchange of information on promising projects and trade directions, holding joint events and presentations.

Earlier, at the platform of EXPO-2020, a Memorandum was signed between the administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest and the logistics company BRIKOIL TRANS-F.Z.E on the implementation of a project worth up to $100 million. Investors from the Persian Gulf countries are actively considering Belarus and the Grodno region for the implementation of projects in the industrial, logistics, and tourism sectors. A successful example of such cooperation is the resident of the FEZ Grodnoinvest Vilaris with capital from the United Arab Emirates.