A plot of 1.55 ha allocated for the establishment of boarding houses, hotel and recreational complexes, catering facilities. Located near the embankment of the Neman River.

Additional Information

  • Seasonality of the facility - year-round
  • Located in a possible flooding zone during the construction of a hydroelectric power station
  • The site is located in the tourist and recreational visa-free zone Grodno - Brest with the possibility of visiting by foreign tourists for up to 15 days

Requirements and restrictions

  • Number of storeys - maximum two floors
  • Implementation of construction considering maximum preservation of green spaces and minimum transformation of the landscape


Grodno region, Special tourist and recreational park Augustow Canal. Sector No. 1, village Shembelivtsi


For residents of the Park, the rent is determined using a coefficient 0.0025


1,55 ha

Site accessibility

Transport accessibility

  • Access roads to the site - 2-lane road
  • Railway station Grodno - 35 km
  • International airport Grodno - 38 km

Nearest border checkpoints

  • Bruzgi - Kuznitsa - 39 km
  • Privalka - Raigardas - 58 km
  • Privalka - Shvyandubre - 58 km
  • Lesnaya - Rudavka - 19 km


Profit tax

0% - on profit within 5 calendar years from the date of profit announcement. After the specified period, profit is taxed at the rate reduced by 50%.

Value added tax (VAT)

0% - from turnover on the sale of goods (work, services) of own production.

Property tax

0% - for real estate on buildings and structures located on the territory of the park.

Annual rental fee (1 ha) - from 11 USD

Rental fee is determined using a coefficient 0.0025.

Customs duties

0% - import customs duties i and VAT when importing technological equipment, components and spare parts to it, raw materials and materials to the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

No auction on land plots

A land plot for the implementation of the declared investment project in the Park is provided to a resident of the Park without an auction.

No fee for the right of a rental agreement conclusion 

Residents of the Park are exempt from the fee for for the right of a rental agreement conclusion of the granted land plot for the investment project implementation.

Registration of a resident of the Park Augustow Canal

  • registration of a business entity is done on the day of documents submission;
  • registration of the Park's resident is done within 14 working days from the date of documents submission
  • registration as a Park's resident is possible with the declared investment of 200 thousand euros.


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