Cooperation with FEZ residents for the implementation of joint projects, contract production, trade. The FEZ Administration will assist in the search for a Belarusian partner in any industry.

Business offers of Grodnoinvest FEZ residents

Production cooperation - Gronitex JSC

The organization of production under the partner's brand on the modern production base of the resident, using tax and customs preferences.


Affiliate program - Conte Spa JLLC

A leader in Eastern Europe in the production of clothing, linen, and pant-hose products is looking for partners among the owners of retail outlets. More information about the affiliate program on the website of the resident.


Franchise – MAKEY Ltd.

A leading Belarusian manufacturer of leather haberdashery, business accessories and interior items offers a full service package for launching MAKEY brand stores. Information on the company's website.

Technical re-equipment of Belcard JSC - Belcard JSC

It provides for the development of flexible production on the base of CNC machines and processing centers, the organization of production sites for mechanical operation of parts. The project cost is $ 23 million. There is a business plan, feasibility study.


Establishment of Auto Components Industrial Park – Belcard JSC

The investment project of the Administration of FEZ Grodnoinvest envisages establishment of an industrial park of machine building and metalworking at available production facilities of JSC Belcard.


The implementation of the investment project - Shchuchinsky plant Avtoprovod JSC

The company is interested in finding an investor for a project of production development and mastering new types of cable products and wiring harnesses worth about $ 3 million. Details in the profile of the resident.

Become a dealer - ZOV-LenEVROMEBEL JLtd.

A leading producer of kitchens in Belarus is expanding the dealer network. The offer and catalogs are posted in the company’s profile.


Become a dealer - Mebel-Neman JLtd.

A well-known Belarusian manufacturer of cabinet furniture expands the dealer network. The offer and catalogs are posted on the company's official website.

Contract production of cosmetics – BelGreenline JLtd.

The resident offers a full range of services, including the development of a formula of a new product, the formation of a brand, launching mass production of a wide range of sanitary napkins, cleaning products and household chemicals.


Organization of production of maleic anhydride - Lakokraska JSC

An investment project worth 8.6 million euro envisages construction and operation of a workshop for the production of maleic anhydride with a volume of 1,900 tons per year. A simple payback period of the project is 5.6 years.


Contract production of sanitary and hygienic products - Medvatfarm JLtd.

MedvatfarmJLtd. offers a possibility of organizing the production of medical cotton wool and sanitary-hygienic products under private brand of any company (STM).



0% - on profit from disposal of goods for export and to other residents of FEZ (special legal regime).

0% - Value Added Tax (VAT) and customs duties

0% - when placing raw materials, materials and equipment under the procedure of FCZ.  iFCZ – customs procedure, applied to foreign goods, according to which such goods are placed and used within the territory of FEZ or its part without payment of customs duties, taxes, special anti-dumping compensatory duties.i

0% - when selling finished products outside the Republic of Belarus.

0% - Real estate tax

0% - for objects located on the territory of FEZ, subject to the use of special legal regime.

0$ - Rent

0$ - on the land plots of FEZ residents regardless of their intended purpose, located within the boundaries of FEZ subject to the use of special legal regime.

To start a cooperation

We are ready to assist in the development of joint projects with residents of FEZ and other Belarusian companies, as well as organize a visit and negotiations in Grodno.

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