Establishing production on available production premises within FEZ Grodnoinvest boundaries.  We will assist you in choosing the best option for the implementation of your project.


Engineering infrastructure

Transport infrastructure

Special purpose


The list of real estate by district

Unused state property objects

Additionally, we suggest studying the Catalog of unused state property objects in Grodno region for sale.


Profit tax

0% - on profit from the sale of own production for export and to other FEZ residents (special legal regime).

Value Added Tax (VAT) and customs duties

0% - when placing raw materials, materials and equipment under the procedure of FCZ. i

0% - when selling finished products outside the Republic of Belarus.

Real estate tax

0% - for objects located on the territory of FEZ, subject to the use of special legal regime.


0% - on the land plots of FEZ residents regardless of their intended purpose, located within the boundaries of FEZ subject to the use of special legal regime.

FEZ Grodnoinvest resident registration

  • registration of a business entity is carried out on the day of documents submission
  • registration of a FEZ resident is carried out within 14 working days from the date of documents submission
  • registration as a FEZ resident is possible with an investment of not less than EUR 1 million, or at least EUR 500,000 when investing in a project within three years.

Visit to FEZ

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