Investment ideas

Implementation of investment projects and ideas on the territory of FEZ Grodnoinvest, as well as commercial and industrial cooperation with current residents in various economy sectors are proposed. We will provide the necessary support at all stages of the project implementation.


Investment projects in industry

Sale of a ready-made furniture business

Acquisition or corporatization of FEZ Grodnoinvest resident Goldoptima Ltd. - a unique serial furniture producer from solid beech for home, restaurant, bar, cafe, hotel and office inteior (the production profile may vary).


Sale of a ready-made business for the production of turkey meat products

Acquisition or corporatization of the resident of FEZ Grodnoinvest ARVIBELAGRO Ltd. - specialized enterprises for the production of animal feed and protein-vitamin-mineral supplements, the cultivation of turkeys, as well as the slaughter and processing of turkey poults.


Production of automotive components

Technical re-equipment of the resident of FEZ Grodnoinvest Belkard JSC. It provides for the creation of "flexible” production on the basis of CNC machines and procesing centers, the organization of production sites for machining parts.


Production of household dishwashers

Creation of an enterprise for the production of household dishwashers of various modifications (assembly production with subsequent localization of the production of components and parts) together with the resident of FEZ Grodtorgmash JSC.


Organization of the automotive components industrial park

Development of industrial and cooperative ties on a specialized production and technical base of leading regional manufacturers of automotive components, Belkard JSC, Radiovolna JSC.

The production of therapeutic feed additives for cattle

Construction of a complex for the production of therapeutic feed additives for cattle together with a resident of  FEZ Grodnoinvest Bioсom Technology Ltd.. It includes a grain drying complex, a line for the production of therapeutic feed additives for cattle, a line for the production of protected protein and a line for the production of premixes.


Reconstruction of optical production

Development on the basis of the resident of  FEZ Grodnoinvest Plant Optic JSC the production of geometric and spectacle optics, the development and introduction of new types of products (prisms, lenses, including aspherical, astigmatic, disks, plates, etc.).


Organization of a textile industrial park

Development of industrial and cooperative ties on a production and technical basis with the participation of manufacturers of knitwear, yarn and threads of Gronitex JSC, Conte Spa JLtd.


Organization of production of cable products and harnesses

Together with the resident of FEZ Grodnoinvest шmplementation of an investment project on the development of production and mastering of new types of cable products and wiring harnesses in the amount of about 3 million US dollars. 

Investment projects in logistics and infrastructure

Creation of a cargo terminal at the base of the Grodno Airport

Creation of a cargo terminal, service station, hangars, aircraft parking lots, etc. (according to the wishes of the investor) near the Grodno International Airport and on the technical base of Grodno Airlines JSC.


Creation of a multifunctional trade and exhibition center

Creation of a multifunctional complex in the visa-free zone near the Grodno Airport for the organization of regional exhibition forums, trade shows, business congresses and presentations, cultural and artistic events.


Development of a logistics hub in the border region of Belarus, Poland and Lithuania

Implementation of a cross-border project to increase mobility in the visa-free zone at the border of three countries and create conditions for the transfer of business, tourists and transit passengers. It provides for the modernization of the infrastructure of the Grodno airport and the acquisition of a shuttle bass for the transfer of passengers from border regions.

Creation of a multimodal logistics center Grodno

Implementation of a comprehensive project on creation of the multimodal logistics center Grodno processing 10 pairs of trains per day. It includes a number of infrastructure subprojects: construction of road, access and siding railways, engineering networks. Pre-project documentation is developed.


Implementation of infrastructure projects on the land plots of FEZ Grodnoinvest

Infrastructural supply of the transport corridor through the Svisloch-Semyanivka border crossings, improvement of engineering infrastructure on the land plot No. 4 of FEZ Grodnoinvest in Auls area.

Production cooperation, dealership

Production Cooperation - Gronitex JSC

Organization of production under a partner’s brand on a modern production base of a resident, taking into account tax and customs benefits.


Contract manufacturing of cosmetics - BelGreenline JLtd.

The resident offers a full range of services, including the development of recipes for creating a product, brand building, launching mass production of a wide range of sanitary napkins, cleaning products and household chemicals.


Contract production of sanitary-hygienic products - Medvatfarm JLtd.

Medvatfarm JLtd. offers the possibility of organizing the production medical wool and sanitary-hygienic products under its own brand to any company.


Become a dealer - BelGro FLLC

The company launched a new brand of modern cabinet furniture for kitchens VogelBaum. The assortment of the new brand includes over 40 lines of European-style kitchens. Offer and catalogs are posted in the company's profile.


Become a dealer - Bioсom Technology Ltd.

The company provides services to agricultural organizations in the field of innovative technologies, farm automation and labor-intensive processes in animal husbandry. Offer and catalogs are placed in the company profile.


Become a dealer - EDEM Ltd.

One of the first Belarusian manufacturers of office and hotel furniture. The company is the recommended supplier of hotel furniture for global chains.

Become a dealer - ZOV-LenEVROMEBEL Jltd.

The leading manufacturer of kitchens in Belarus  ramifys its dealer network. Offer and catalogs are placed in the company profile.


Become a dealer - Mebel-Neman JLtd.

A well-known Belarusian manufacturer of cabinet furniture ramifys its dealer network. Offer and catalogs are available on the official website of the company.


Franchise - Makey Ltd.

The leading Belarusian manufacturer of leather haberdashery, business accessories and interior items offers a full package of services for launching MAKEI brand stores. Information on the company website.


Affiliate program - Conte Spa JLtd.

The leader in Eastern Europe in the production of clothing, underwear, hosiery, is looking for partners among the owners of retail stores. More about the affiliate program on the resident's website.


Become a dealer - Taifun Ltd.

One of the leading players in the market for the production of building mixtures in Belarus. The main field of activity is the development and manufacture of dry building mixtures of the trade marks "LUX" and "Taifun Master", as well as thermal insulation systems for buildings and structures "Taifun". Additional information is available on the company's website

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