Investment sites of Augustow Canal Park

Realization of investment projects on available land plots of a special tourist and recreational park Augustow Canal, located in a visa-free zone on the border of three countries with an area of over 5.7 thousand hectares. The investor is granted tax and customs preferences, a comprehensive support is provided on one stop principle.

Investment sites of Augustow Canal Park

List of prospective development sites


Profit tax

0% - on profit within 5 calendar years from the date of profit announcement. After the specified period, profit is taxed at the rate reduced by 50%.

Value added tax (VAT)

0% - from turnover on the sale of goods (work, services) of own production.

Property tax

0% - for real estate on buildings and structures located on the territory of the park.

Annual rental fee (1 ha) - from 11 USD

Rental fee is determined using a coefficient 0.0025.

Customs duties

0% - import customs duties i and VAT when importing technological equipment, components and spare parts to it, raw materials and materials to the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

No auction on land plots

A land plot for the implementation of the declared investment project in the Park is provided to a resident of the Park without an auction.

No fee for the right of a rental agreement conclusion 

Residents of the Park are exempt from the fee for for the right of a rental agreement conclusion of the granted land plot for the investment project implementation.

Registration of a resident of the Park Augustow Canal

  • registration of a business entity is done on the day of documents submission;
  • registration of the Park's resident is done within 14 working days from the date of documents submission


  • registration as a Park's resident is possible with the declared investment of 200 thousand euros.

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