75 residents with staff of 18 000 people

4195,04 ha FEZ territory

Investors from41 countries

12 platforms incities

Export in 80 countries

4 seaports

within a radius of 400 km:

Kaliningrad, Gdansk, Klaipeda, Riga

Eastern and western railway tracks,
network of highways

5 international airports

within a radius of 250 km:

Minsk, Vilnius, Warsaw, Grodno, Kaunas

The unified market of the EAEU
with the population of ~180 mln people

Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan

Visa-free regime up to 15 days
in Grodno and Grodno region

Full service
to start business


Profit tax

0% - on profit from the sale of own production for export and to other FEZ residents (special legal regime).


VAT and customs duties

0% - when placing raw materials, materials and equipment under the procedure of FCZ.i

0% - when selling finished products outside the EAEU.


Real estate tax

0% - for objects located on the territory of FEZ, subject to the use of special legal regime.



0% - on the land plots of FEZ residents regardless of their intended purpose, located within the boundaries of FEZ subject to the use of special legal regime.